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In order to get your lawn in shape ready for whatever the coming months throw at us, you should be considering the following, depending on the state of you lawn:

Autumn and Winter Care

There are several tasks that can be undertaken to help your lawn through the colder months.


Applying a feed to your lawn in the Autumn that contains low nitrogen, but higher levels of potassium and phosporus, will help the general health and disease resistance of your grass. A feed containing moss killer will also help to reduce the amount of moss that can develop as a result of wetter and darker days.

Aeration and Scarification

To tackle the problems associated with soil compaction and the build of thatch (see Lawn information for more info) your lawn should be aerated (small holes that puncture the turf) and/or scarified (raked) during the autumn to help the lawn resist disease/moss and encourage good growing conditions for the coming summer.


Grass stops growing at a temperature of around 5C and with our milder weather it is likely that the traditional March - October growth period will be stretched either side of these months. Grass can be cut in the winter but ground conditions should be as dry as possible (with no frost or very cold winds) and the grass only 'topped' with the mower on a high setting.


It is important that leaves and other debris are cleared as frequently as possible from the lawn - a leaf blower/vac will help with this task - visit our gardening supplies section for more.

Worm Casts

Worm casts can provide ideal growing grounds for weeds in your lawn - wait until the weather and the casts are dry and simply brush them so that the soil is spread into the turf.

Frost, snow and ice

It is always advisable to avoid damaging the grass by walking on your lawns when there is frost, snow or ice around.


Remember to get your lawn mower serviced and blades sharpened - dull blades tend to tear the grass causing the tips of the grass to go brown.

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