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lawn care

The condition of your lawn will dictate what frequency of fertiliser application, what weed control and other treatments may be necessary.

We will suggest various options & treatment programmes to achieve the very best results.

In some cases we will perform a renovation programme as an initial exercise to ensure that our treatments can reach the grass roots and achieve maximum results. This will normally consist of (depending on the time of year): aeration , scarification, top dressing, over-seeding, fertiliser , weed killer, and if required moss killer.

fertiliser spreader

After the re-establishment of your lawn we will then commence our annual programme tailored to meet the needs of your lawn, maintain its health and beat those weeds. We will not apply a one treatment suits all approach, but ensure that your lawn is getting the treatment it needs and no more - overfeeding can create its own problems.

A typical annual phased programme will take the form of the following treatments/operations and depends upon the condition of your lawn

- please remember though that we will always agree with you what actions we will perform before going ahead.

ask us about our Wetting agents and Turf Hardeners - see our Latest

Other services:

aeration and/or scarification

 - Spring / Autumn where required

mowing, and hedge trimming

- ask us for a quote for one off or regular maintenance programmes.,

Why not combine a regular cutting routine with a treatment programme and benefit from a TOTAL LAWN CARE package? We can tailor this especially for you and your budget. We can also provide Flail mowing services for larger overgrown areas - contact us for details.

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