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Products we use

fertiliser granule

We use fertilisers not generally available to the public. Amongst our treatments are specially designed, coated fertiliser granules, which are engineered so that the release of nutrients are controlled to provide non-surge growth,that do not present a danger of scorching the grass and do not need special watering in. Each treatment is also designed to give your lawn the correct amount of nutrient for the time of year matching the varying growth requirements for both sward and roots.

Our feeds are all applied with the latest professional spreader technology ensuring correct and even distribution.

for more information see fertilisers on our information page.

weed, disease, pest and moss controls

We are able to provide a wide range of treatments for all types of weeds, pests and diseases. We also have a range of controls for moss.

Some may require more than one treatment depending on their resistance and density - however we strongly believe that with a correct cultural development of your lawn, with  aeration and scarification, improvement in soil conditions, that your grass will out-compete these invaders. We hope that as a result we can adopt an increasingly organic approach to all the treatments we apply to your lawn.

We also provide hard surface weed control measures for your path, patio or drive.

We are certified to to use herbicides and pesticides, with training especially designed to ensure their safe application.

for more information see weeds , moss , diseases and  pests on our information page


We employ powered mechanical aeration that removes small cores or punches small  holes in your lawn to reduce compaction and thatch problems. This is one of the most important operations that we perform - as it is essential to improve air exchange and relieve water logging (a common contributor to moss and disease occurrences). It also  improves irrigation of the grass root structure - especially important in times of drought.

for more information see soil compaction on our information page


Our powered scarifiers reduce the thatch level on your lawn. This is a fibrous layer on the soil surface that if too thick prevents nutrients, air and water from reaching the soil. It can also harbour diseases. This arduous task reduces the thatch to the correct level so that it provides protection rather than causes problems. We would also scarify when clearing a lawn of moss after treatment and to clear other dead matter.

Most owners are amazed that their lawns produce such large amounts of thatch and the initial look of the lawn, after scarification, can be alarming - but it won't last long and your lawn will reward you for having this process performed.

for more information see thatch on our information page


To repair damaged lawns and to encourage thicker denser grass coverage. Depending on how you use your lawn we can apply luxury or utility seeds to improve coverage.

for more information see grass types on our information page

top dressing

Applying a quality Top Dressing on the lawn can help with soil fertility and drainage - depending on the composition of the dressing (added sand helps when there is a drainage problem). It is best applied after scarification and/or aeration and is useful base for overseeding.

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