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How much we charge - how we base our pricing

lawn care

Although our pricing will depend on the treatments and processes used on your lawn, we will supply you with a quote so that you can be confident of the cost of our services.

We will agree with you any other treatments or actions that may be necessary before going ahead. We will work with you to ensure that you are getting true value for money.

The size of your lawn will dictate the costs involved - our starting price can be as little as £15** for treatments, £45** for aeration, £65** for scarification and a standard mow £15. You'll find that this compares favourably to doing it yourself - so why not let someone do it for you?

Pricing for larger lawns is even more cost effective - benefiting from reduced overheads with lower costs per square metre. Ask us about our TOTAL LAWN CARE package offering a combined grass cutting and treatment programme.

Don't forget to look at our  extra special offers - for ways to save even more money..