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Answers to some of the questions you may have about our services

Below are are some of the questions that customers ask us most frequently - click on the question to see the answer..

for more information about lawn care issues have a look at our lawn information page

how can you help me?

The best way of ensuring that you have a healthier lawn is to feed regularly, aerate, scarify and apply weed, disease and pest controls. This is where we come in - at a price that can be cheaper than doing it yourself we can provide the ideal programme for your lawn. ..back to questions

are there any contracts to agree to or sign?

No - you can pay as you go for each treatment or if you wish to pay in advance for a course of treatments you can save more money. For details see our special offers page. You choose which you are most comfortable with.  ..back to questions

do I have to start treatments in the spring?

Not at all, your lawn will love you for starting treatment at any time - even toward the end of the year. Our programme has been especially tailored to meet the needs of your lawn according to the time of year.   ..back to questions

do I have to be in when you call?

It isn't necessary for you to be in when we visit your house - we will make appointments with you and agree how to access your lawn. The weather conditions may play a part in our plans - there is no point in applying treatments in pouring rain that will be diluted or run off without giving any benefit to your lawn. Strong winds may also present a risk of spray drifting when applying pesticides in particular. We may have therefore have to re-arrange appointments with you as a result.  ..back to questions

when can we use our lawn after treatment?

We ask that you give an hour or two before you or your pets access your lawn so that the treatment is not disturbed - the products we use have all been tested and approved for safety.   ..back to questions

what about the environment?

We hope that as you lawns health improves the grass will out compete the weeds and cultural organic care will greatly reduce the amount of herbicides we need to apply. We hope that eventually we can offer a totally organic solution for you.  ..back to questions

I think I may need completely new turf - can I avoid this?

Don't give up - most of the time we can save lawns from needing new turf. It may take time and a steady nerve ( the lawn may look a little dishevelled to start with ), but you will be amazed at what we can do.   ..back to questions

can you rid my lawn of weeds?

As you may be aware some weeds are more stubborn than others. These may take several treatments but we could start to see results as early as a week or two after treatment. ..back to questions

what about scorching and watering-in the feed?

Our treatments include especially formulated non-scorch feeds that employ a special slow release formula that prevents surge growth and do not normally need watering in. ..back to questions

I have a problem with moss on my lawn - can you help?

Moss normally develops due to number of factors - so we not only use specialist moss treatments, but also seek to address the underlying cause, such as soil condition. ..back to questions  

for more information about lawn care issues have a look at our lawn information page